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We provide solutions to our customers' manufacturing and testing needs by developing specialised automation machines which are used to fully or partially automate manufacturing processes including fabrication, assembly, test and inspection, transporting, packaging and storage. All our specialised automation machines are customised based on our customers' requirements. We assist our customer to modify our customer’s existing specialised automation machines which are manufactured by our Group. We modify such machinery to conform to the new specifications set by our customers. Our maintenance and technical support services comprise the provision of scheduled maintenance and fault rectification upon request by customers. As part of our maintenance and technical support services, we supply spare parts for our specialised automation machines.

DMS is our in-house developed system used for monitoring and controlling of manufacturing processes, such as monitoring the efficiency and productivity of the machines and controlling the manufacturing sequence and production data flow of the machines throughout the manufacturing process on real time basis. DMS links various machines (including specialised automation machines) in a production line which allows the system to collect manufacturing data. Such data is then used to monitor and control the manufacturing processes. The data can also be used by statistical analysis software such as Minitab to facilitate quality control and cost improvement process. The DMS comprises our in-house developed DMS software and other hardware components such as servers, networking devices, scanners and display devices.

We have the in-house capabilities to design and fabricate metal panels, frames and precision parts for our specialised automation machines under our manufacturing automation business. To further leverage on our capabilities, we design and fabricate metal panels and frames and precision parts on a standalone basis. Such fabricated products include external metal frames of switchboards and metal gas cylinder racks.

Via our wholly owned subsidiary, Bizit Systems, we distribute manufacturing automation hardware and software that we use or related to our specialised automation machines. We distribute the following principal products to customers

1. Minitab brand of statistical analysis software used for statistical analysis of manufacturing processes

2. Digi International brand of wireless communication devices and related embedded modules, which are mainly used for loT systems;

3. Robotic technology equipment (such as robotic arm) manufactured by Universal Robots A/S. 

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Rebecca Tee

Managing Director
1st Sept 2018



"i-Stone is the one for you".
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Automation, Test and Measurement


Design and manufacturing of specialised automation machines.




Monitoring and controlling of manufacturing processes.



Design and fabricate metal panels, frames and precision parts.

Product Distribution



Distribution of manufacturing automation hardware and software.

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